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Each person is different. At Dattam, every person is individually diagnosed by reading the pulse (Naadi) and then a series of treatments are prescribed depending on the persons needs.

We list below a few of the therapies that are prescribed to patients and their effects on the Shareera (Body) and Manas (Mind). In addition to Panchakarma therapies (five deep cleansing therapies) a host of other Purvakarmas( oleating and sudation therapies) and Paschatkarmas (diet restrictions with medications) are performed.
Panchakarma includes five major cleansing therapies done in 3 phases
Purvakarma phase
This prepares the person for the major therapies.
1. Abhyangam (Full body massage)
Abhyangam A traditional full body massage using cold pressed vegetable oils mixed with herbal extracts. The pressure exerted on the person during the massage depends on the body constituency. This treatment is useful for people suffering from body aches, insomnia, poor circulation, stress related problems, paralysis.
2.Pindasveda (Massage with hot poultice)
The chosen poultice is heated in a herbal decoction or milk or medicated oil and then applied to the body. This is useful for persons suffering from body aches, skin problems, poor circulation joint disorders, paralysis.

Types of poultices used:
  1. Shaali (Massage using a hot rice poultice)
  2. Patra (Massage using a hot poultice of fresh herbs)
  3. Lavana (Massage using heated special rock salt )
  4. Churna (Massage using a hot poultice of powdered herbs)
3. Naadisveda ( Local steam therapy)
Naadisveda The affected area is massaged lightly with medicated oil and then the steam generated from herbal decoctions is directed to the affected area.Naadisveda is beneficial for persons suffering from joint disorders, obesity, muscular pains and local pains.
4. Ksheera dhuma ( Milk steam therapy)
Medicated oil is applied on the affected region and then steam generated from milk is applied on the affected area.

This treatment is useful to improve the skin complexion and for persons suffering from general debility, dermatitis, psoriasis.
5. Parishekha (Herbal decoction bath )
Medicated oil is applied all over the body and then a warm decoction prepared by boiling a herbal mixture with water is poured all over.

Useful for persons suffering from Psoriasis, Insomnia, body aches.
6. Pizhichil ( Medicated oil bath)
Warm medicated oil is poured all over the patients body and massaged lightly.

This is a special treatment for persons suffering from paralysis, muscle wasting and general debility.
7. Udvartana ( Massage using powdered herbs)
Udvartana A single herb or a mixture of powdered herbs is applied on the patient and massaged in a particular manner.

Udvartana is a special therapy for persons with excessive fat accumulation.
8. Sarvanga lepa (Herbal body pack)
Finely powdered herbs are mixed with fine dry clay and milk cream or fresh Aloe gel or Rose water to form a paste. This paste is applied on the whole body and let dry.

This luxurious treatment keeps the body cool and gives a beautiful complexion to the skin. It also improves circulation and relieves the body of stiffness and aches.
9. Shirovasti (Retaining medicated oil over the scalp)
This therapy consists of pouring warm medicated oil on the scalp and retaining it for about 15 to 30 minutes with the help of a special head wrap followed by a gentle scalp massage.

An excellent therapy for persons suffering from Insomnia, Migraine. nervous disorders, and stress related problems.
10 Shirodhara (Pouring a stream of medicated liquid on the forehead)
Medicated oil or herbal decoction or butter milk or herb extract is poured gently on the forehead continuously for a specific duration.

Mainly used for persons suffering from Hypertension, Insomnia, anxiety, stress and emotional disturbances.
11. Tarpana (Special eye cleansing treatment with oil)
Tarpana Warm medicated ghee is poured gently and retained on the eyes for a specific duration. Simultaneously the patient is made to blink the eyes.

An excellent therapy for persons with visual defects like short sightedness, long sightedness, thick eye discharge, night blindness and general eye diseases.
12. Akshidhara (Cleansing of eyes with medicated herbal decoctions)
Herbal decoctions or milk is gently poured on open eyes for a specific duration.
A therapy meant for persons suffering from eye irritations, eye aches and eye discharge.
13. Karnapurana and Dhoopana (Ear treatment)
Karnapurana Warm medicated oil is poured gently into the ear and retained for sometime followed by gentle massage of the ear and the surrounding area followed by the application of medicated fumes to the ear.
Therapy useful to treat persons with problems associated with the ear.
14. Dhoomapana (Inhalation of medicated fumes)
An excellent therapy for persons suffering from sinusitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis and throat problems. Dhoomapana
15. Kativasti (Retention of medicated oil on the low back)
Kativasti For persons suffering from low back aches.
16. Katisnaana (Hip bath )
The person is made to immerse the hip in a tub filled with normal water or a herbal decoction.
This is a very good therapy for general detoxification
Pradhanakarma Phase (Main phase)
1. Vamana (Cleansing through emesis)
A therapy meant to neutralize the ‘KAPHA’ in a persons body.
2. Virechana (Cleansing through purgation)
A therapy meant to neutralize the ‘PITTA’ in a persons body.
3. Asthapana vasti (Herbal decoction enema)
A therapy meant to neutralize the “VATA’ in a persons body.
4. Anuvasana vasti (Herbal oil enema)
A therapy meant to neutralize the “VATA’ in a persons body.
5. Nasya (Cleansing through the nose)
Nasya The face is massaged followed by steam application. Medicated oil or ghee or herbal extract is administered into the nostrils followed by massage and steam application.

A therapy meant for treating a person with ear, nose and throat problems.
Paschaatkarma Phase (Post phase)
Food and rejuvenating therapies