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Testimony 1
I am Parashuram - a resident of Ashok Nagar, Mangalore and I was diagnosed as having hepatoma of right lobe of liver by a scan done at the Kasturba Medical College hospital in Mangalore on October 28, 2006.

Following which a number of tests at different labs, scanning centers and CT scan centres it was confirmed that I indeed had the hepatoma of the right lobe of liver. The size was 14mmX14mm showing progress in growth day by day.

On the advise of my family physician I decided to consult the expert at the Bangalore Institute of Oncology (BIO) at Bangalore where I was given less than 45 days to live as the growth in the liver had grown out of proportion and was inoperable. I was advised to undergo Chemo-therapy but I refused to undergo chemotherapy as I had seen the bad effects of that treatment.

However, as luck would have I came across the name of Dr. Pallathadka Keshav Bhat who was then in Venezuela. But through a family friend I came to know his son in law and daughter who were practicing in Mangalore- my home town. On consulting them they gave me medication and diet restrictions and advised me to change my life pattern. All this Dr. Srivatsa Bharadhwaj and Anusuya Devi told me that they had apprised the case to Dr. Bhat in Venezuela and on his advise the medication and dietary restrictions had been awarded to me.

I had three types of other medicines for heart, diabetes, blood pressure problems earlier. I was also taking insulin every day for control of diabetes. But after the medicine of Dr. Bhat started I was advised to discontinue all these medicines and today I have no symptoms of diabetes, heart disease or blood pressure.

It was under a strict diet and uncompromising medicines that I had to take under the guidance and watchful eyes of Dr. Keshava Bhat. In the beginning I was apprehensive about the diet if I could or not able to live up to it. But soon I got adjusted to the medicine and the life style change and the results were there for all my family members to see. I lived beyond the 45 day period and today even as I write this letter I have lived a normal life for the last 10 months and I did not take any drugs or various other therapies that are common in conditions such as hepatoma of the liver.

My despair turned into hope and that of my family when Dr. Keshav Bhat came to Mangalore in January 2007. He found in me remarkable recovery, but advised me to continue the medicine and dietary restrictions. All these days the malignant growth (as it was described by the oncologists) had been subdued to the size it had when it was diagnosed.

In July when I got the scan report the radiologist could not believe his eyes as the report stated that the size of the hepatomic growth had actually decreased and was shrinking progressively which was a happy situation for me.

At 71 years of age this remarkable recovery from one of the lethal disease, I cannot but think of any other simile to describe Dr. Keshav Bhat other than `my savior’.

Mr. Parashuram, Businessman ( 71 years )
Mangalore, Karnataka.

Related Case Study (Hepato cellular Carcinoma)
Name : Mr Parashuram.
Age : 71 years.

Case History :

Patient was diagnosed with Hepato Cellular carcinoma. Ultra sonogram (USG) showed the presence of enlarged liver, mixed echogenic mass lesions with ill defined hypercholic rim in the right liver lobe . Biopsy report confirmed the presence of hepato cellular carcinoma. He also had first grade prostatic enlargement, hypertension and diabetes. Modern allopathic medicine had given away all hopes of recovery.

Lab Reports Observed Values Normal Values
Hb 10 gr% 12-14 gr%
ESR 120 mm/hour < 10 mm/hour
PPBS 156 mg/dl 90-130 mg/dl
SGOT 54.0 u/l 0-35 u/l
SGPT 65.0 u/l 0-48 u/l
BP 140/90 mm of Hg 120/80 mm of Hg
At Dattam :

Patient’s pulse showed cytoplasm toxicity with jerky movement between metabolism and structure. Severe constipation, insomnia, hot temper were secondary symptoms. Energy level was weak indicating the toxic waste accumulation.

He was recommended a rigorous 3 month course of holistic therapies, herbal medicines , exercises and change in food and living habits.
Response :

After 3 moths Laboratory results showed the following.
Hb 12 gr%
ESR 40 mm in the first hour
PPBS 120 mg/dl
SGOT 37.0 u/l
SGPT 42.0 u/l
BP 120/80

The pulse indicated almost normalcy of metabolism but still, the cytoplasm had residues of toxins. However 6 more months of medication produced favorable results.
Testimony 2
I met with a minor accident as a result of falling on the ground . This lead to a nasal injury which resulted in swelling and accumulation of pus. I consulted an ENT specialist who suggested heavy dosage of antibiotics for a week followed by an operation. I decided to consult doctors at Dattam and they suggested external application of an authentic herbal paste followed by some herbal medicines . Within a week of following their instructions, there was a heavy drainage of pus followed by total relief in pain and swelling.

Mr. B.G Vishveshvara Bhat, Agriculturist ( 81 years)
Manjeshwara, Kerala.

Testimony 3
I was suffering from regular wheezing attacks since the year 2004.Repeated visits to experts in allopathy, homeopathy and ayurveda proved futile. These visits only increased my monthly medical expenses without any medical relief. I also underwent allergy tests and was prescribed with regular dosage of anti hystamins for a period of 5 years. During this period a friend of mine referred me to Dattam clinic. After a thorough diagnosis through pulse reading, the doctors at Dattam suggested a complete change in living and food habits. I also underwent intensive panchakarma treatments and ayurvedic medicines. .I have lost 5 kilos have got rid of most of my health problems.

Miss Manjula, district Magistrate (34 years )
Shimoga, Karnataka.

Testimony 4
I used to suffer from chronic migraine for the past 10 years. This was manifested in the form of severe throbbing headaches in the right lobe or left lobe of my head lasting 4 to 5 days at a stretch per week. In addition to this I also had severe flatulence, piles, gastritis, frequent stomach upsets, poor appetite, general debility, I was under pain killers for the headache with no relief . After undergoing treatments at Dattam , I have observed remarkable improvements in my health and episodes of migraine have reduced to once a month . Their food and living habit orientation has helped me maintain good health.

Mrs. Kavitha.K, Home maker ( 35 years )
Udupi , Karnataka.

Testimony 5
I am really happy with the changes in my health because I have been suffering from sever stomachaches, Acidity for the past 14 years. I underwent allopathic medications at different specialty hospitals and physicians during this period without any significant improvement in my health conditions. My health deteriorated to the extent of passing undigested food , general debility, weight loss , increased abdominal pains and burning , passing of stools with blood clots , urinary tract infections, severe depressions. After medication and counseling at Dattam, my health has improved remarkably. I have gained 9 kilos and enjoy a life full of energy and health. I thank doctors at Dattam for all their good work and pray for their good health and wellness.

Mr . Devendra (Printing press employee) ( 38 years )
Manipal, Karnataka.

Testimony 6
We were married in the year 2003 and I was 33 years old . We had planned to conceive soon after the marriage. Unfortunately my wife did not conceive even after 6 months of our marriage. We consulted a specialist immediately. My wife underwent scanning and I underwent semen analysis. The doctor could not conclude any problems. After 2 months we visited the same doctor again and my wife was suggested a tube test where in they diagnosed that one of her fallopian tubes was blocked. The doctor suggested immediate laparoscopic surgery promising positive results within 6 months and it was done. We did not observe any positive results even after 6 months. Then the doctor suggested to go for a test tube baby. We were very apprehensive about a test tube baby. During this period we were referred to doctors at Dattam to undergo an ayurvedic treatment . We decided to give it a try and visited Dattam where we were given positive hopes provided that we followed their strict instructions . We started treatments at Dattam and followed the whole course ( Change in food habits, living habits and internal ayurvedic medicines ) strictly without failure. After following this treatment for 6 months we were surprised to note that my wife did not menstruate even after 45 days . We visited a doctor for a check up and our doubts were cleared : we found out that she was pregnant . Thanks to ayurvedic medicine and to doctors at Dattam.

Venkatesh Vaidya , Bank employee ( 35 years)
Mangalore, Karnataka.

Related Case Study (Endometriosis with Infertility)
Name : Mrs Venkatesh Vaidya.
Age : 26 years.

Case history:
Female, married for 3 years unable to conceive even after Laparoscopic removal of left Chocolate cyst and separation of Periovarian adhesions in the pouch of Douglas . Patient had acute pain in the low back and left lower abdomen during her menstrual cycle associated with nausea . Menstrual flow was brown in color and scanty (1 or 2 days scanty flow) .She was given only 1 % chance of conceiving with artificial insemination.
At Dattam :

Pulse revealed that she was highly stressed and depressed with lack of sleep, poor appetite , constipation due to a high level of toxicity. Regular counseling and orientations with respect to food and living habits, along with intensive herbal medications improved her menstrual flow in 1 month.

From the 2nd month onwards , the patient observed the absence of pain in the lower back, abdomen and relief from nausea. In the 3rd month she observed that the menstrual flow lasted for three days and was red in color

She tested positive for pregnancy in the 5th month.
Present :

She is the proud mother to a healthy male boy.
Testimony 7
I was suffering from chronic acidity and rectal bleeding about 3 years back. I underwent piles removal operation at a well known hospital and after the operation I observed increased rectal bleeding . Test results showed surgical wounds . I was prescribed heavy medication to stop the profuse rectal bleeding. In addition to the mentioned problems ,I started having other health problems like urinary tract infection, abdominal pains, indigestion , very foul smelling stools , lymph node inflammation and testis inflammation. After enduring this pain and problems for 6 months I decided to go to the same doctor again and he diagnosed me with fistula and prescribed another course of medicines. After taking the prescribed medicines, I started passing stools without digesting them . So I decided to go to another specialist who conducted a colonoscopy and concluded me to have an enlarged colon . Biopsy results indicated colitis ,which according to the specialist was a very serious health problem.

After meeting doctors at Dattam, I was suggested a total change in lifestyle and was prescribed with different herbal medicines. I observed a drastic improvement in all my symptoms. I started to pass stools easily without any problems and similarly I noticed tremendous improvement with respect to gastric irritation. I am following all their suggestions very strictly and systematically and am enjoying a very healthy life.

B.V .Suresh, Business man ( 45 years)
Manjeshwara , Kerala.

Testimony 8
I suffered severe Asthma since about 10 years and the doctors prescribed heavy dosage of Steroids. I was a steroid dependent person for 8 continuous years. I had a generalized edema ( General swelling of body) , chronic insomnia, burning sensation all over the body, body aches, chest pain, weight gain, urinary tract infection, Joint pains, loss of appetite and digestion, chronic constipation.

I was referred to Dattam by a close friend and am happy to inform that at least 95 percent of all my health related problems have been solved.

Jeny Bhai, Home maker, ( 68 years)
Puttur, Karnataka

Testimony 9
My son Shreesha Bommanagi developed swelling of eyes , hands, feet and legs at the age of 4 years and was diagnosed by a nephrologist to be suffering from Protein Urea. The specialist prescribed 40 mg of wyselon ( a steroid) every day . I did not see any improvement in his health even after consuming this drug for one year . I decided to consult another specialist ,who also prescribed daily intake of 40 mg of Wyselon. My son took this drug continuously for 5 years without any changes in his health .During this time, we met a friend who referred us to Dattam in Mangalore. My son was diagnosed and his pulse was checked, during our first visit to Dattam and he was advised with a total change in diet and living habits. A few herbal medicines were also prescribed and we were advised to continue wyeselon with a gradual reduction in the dosage by consulting the allopathic doctor. 9 months after visiting Dattam our son’s health has improved remarkably and he has reduced the intake of wyeselon to 5 mg once in 2 days.

His illness was observed with the following symptoms. Very high frequency of urination, fluid accumulation all over the body restricting his movements. Presence of genital edema . Loss of appetite .Vomiting and diarrhea immediately after consuming food. Frequent visits and stay at the hospital.

Now, after 9 months his state has really improved and he has reduced his steroid intake to a minimum . I am really relieved and thank doctors at Dattam for all their guidance and orientations.

Shreesha Bommanagi (11 years)
Bagalkote, Karnataka.
Written by Mrs. Mamatha Bommanagi ( Mother)

Testimony 10
Our daughter had congenital heart disease and had undergone a major surgery when she was just 15 days old. The cardiologist had warned us that the surgery could leave the child retarded. The cardiologist’s words were confirmed when we observed weak eyesight, minimal physical activities, unclear speech , slow motor movements during the growth of our daughter.

My husband and I heard about Dattam from a few friends about 2 years back , and decided to take our daughter, Amrita who was then 4 years old for a check up. My husband had to literally carry our daughter for the consultation . The doctors at Dattam diagnosed our child and suggested change of food habits, herbal medicines, exercises and therapies that were followed strictly.

Now she is 6 years old and goes to school happily everyday. She is very brilliant ( gets 1st rank in her orals).She writes, dances, (recently gave a stage performance), sings bhajans and stotras melodiously. She is absolutely normal and almost as active as other children of her age. We are happy and truly appreciate the orientations provided at Dattam.

Amrutha Shet (6 years)
Mangalore , Karnataka.
Written by Mrs. Shilpa Shet ( Mother)

Testimony 11
'Cartas Para Carlos' is a book written by Mr. Salom Mesa Espinoza, where mention is made on how Mr. Espinoza lived with the diagnosis of Prostate Cancer and his significant recovery from this disease by following Dr. P.K.Bhat’s recommendations.

(Case presented at the First International meeting of experts of developing countries on medicinal plants held at Arusha, Tanzania in feb 1990, hosted by World Health Organization)
Testimony 12
"Afrontando las Enfermedades Verbigracia Esclerosis Multiple, a proposito de mi caso"

This book written by Dr. Manuel Eloy Hernandez, a trained surgeon narrates his recovery from “Multiple Sclerosis “ using this system of medicine and lifestyle. The book explicitly describes the pathology of the disease as described by modern medicine, the available options with allopathy and how he got cured with the use of plants and herbal remedies.