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Food is an integral part of every being. The entire body is made up of trillions of cells, the quality of which depends on the nourishment it receives in the form of food. A healthy body is thus, a direct result of proper and healthy functioning of the cells, which in turn depend on the food it gets. An unhealthy body is a result of an acidified body due to accumulation of toxins in the body cells.

The acidification of a human body can be prevented by consuming the right food and the elimination of the toxins produced.
Vegetables We, at Dattam, suggest holistic vegetarian food to our patients. Pulses, fruits, seeds, stems, flowers, leaves and roots are recommended to be used in the right proportions to make a balanced meal. We believe that only the use of whole ingredients (non refined natural products) will guarantee the proper supply of nutrients to the body and the elimination of toxins from the body to maintain a healthy life.

At Dattam, we feel that eating vegetarian is not enough. One has to be more careful in choosing the right ingredients that go into the food.
Following is a list of some food products that is not recommended for a healthy life.
Refined Wheat Flour and its derivatives
All the nutrients and the fiber contents are removed by polishing and thus only the starch content is left behind. This causes constipation and accumulation of toxins without providing any significant nutritional benefits to the body.
Refined Rice and its derivatives
Absence of vital nutrients, hence causes constipation and has no significant nutritional benefits.
Refined white sugar
Refined White sugar A lot of chemicals are added during the refining process of the sugar (bleaching, polishing), thus eliminating the natural fibers, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Refined sugar is a highly corrosive and non healthy choice making it a ‘sweet poison’. Common problems associated with the consumption of this substance are hyper activity in children, Diabetes Mellitus, Leucorrhoea in women, body aches amongst a myriad of many other health problems.
Fried food
Any oil heated to high temperatures becomes toxic (trans fats are released) and loses all its nutritional properties.
Coffee, Tea, Guarana, Mate, Tobacco and other stimulants
Drinking these stimulants increases the blood pressure, blood sugar levels and stimulates the kidney functions. The intake of these products relieves a person temporarily of fatique and depression. Repeated consumption of these stimulants can lead to diseases associated to the heart (Hypertension, arterial blocks), nervous problems, insomnia.
Chilies of all kinds
They cause irritation of the gastro intestinal tract and corrode the mucous membrane, thus making one vulnerable to a number of diseases like peptic ulcers, chronic acidity, hemorrhoids, digestive tract cancer.
Soy and Soy derivatives
Its trypsin inhibitor effect is known to cause diabetes (type 1 and 2).The high presence of Isoflavones (Phyto oestrogen) causes hormonal imbalance, reduced sperm count in males and irregular menstrual cycles in females amongst many other health related disorders.
Cheese and Cheese derivatives
Cheese acidifies the blood, causing the depletion of calcium from the bones. Consumption of this product could cause damage to the bones and kidneys.
This is a fruit that absorbs a large quantity of lead from the atmosphere, rich in uric acid and oxalic acid. Excessive consumption could lead to renal and gall stones.

Following is a list of some food products that is suggested for a healthy life:

Refined White sugar
  • Unpolished whole rice
  • Whole wheat and wheat flour
  • Pure honey, raw sugar, molasses, raw sugar syrup
  • Pure butter or ghee
  • Whole unrefined cereals (oats, barley, corn, wheat, Indian millet etc)
  • Pulses (beans, dhal, chick pea, lentils etc)
  • Fresh tropical fruits
  • Farm fresh tropical vegetables
  • All fresh spices except red chilies or green chilies
  • Coconut water, butter milk and sugar cane juice
  • Lots of herbs to make infusions and teas
  • Fresh spring water
  • Dry fruits and nuts ( dates, raisins, figs, apricots, cashews, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds)
Refined White sugar
After years of research and combining different ingredients, we have come out with a unique system of holistic vegetarian cooking that will guarantee the well being and health of an individual.

Lots of fresh fruits, yogurt, whole porridges (cereals), whole wheat breads, dry fruits and nuts are suggested for a typical healthy breakfast.

A healthy lunch must have lots of pulses, cooked vegetables, soups, creams, whole rice, whole wheat breads, always bearing in mind to use a combination of dishes made from, pulses, fruits, seeds, stems, flowers, leaves and roots to guarantee a balanced diet.

Orientation on this kind of cooking is given to our patients and the general public through workshops and general consultations.