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Following are some of the cases handled at Dattam.
Case 1 (Diabetes)
Male, age : 61 years.

Case history :

Patient was diabetic since 4 years with a fasting blood sugar of 300mg/dl.He also suffered from hypertension since one year.
He came to Dattam with advanced diabetic neuritis and was unable to walk or use his lower limbs.
At Dattam :

After reading the persons pulse, it was determined that his cytoplasm structure was altered due to excessive accumulation of toxins. This was due to incorrect food and living habits. The toxic residues in the blood caused the high blood pressure.

He was oriented with proper diet, change in living habits/lifestyle, in addition the right ayurvedic therapies and holistic herbal medicines.

Patient regained strength in his legs within 2 months and was able to walk. His fasting sugar level came down to 108 mg/dl. Patient was advised to continue the same regimen for another 3 months. At the end of his third month patient was able to do his routine work and the sugar level came down to 75 mg/dl (fasting).
Present :

The patient was regularly visiting Dattam for check ups and his sugar level and blood pressure were totally under control without any medication.
Case 2 (Hypertension)
Female, age: 40 years.

Case history :

Patient was diagnosed to be hypertensive and the blood pressure was 190/100 mm of Hg with allopathic medicines. She complained of giddiness, and strong burning sensation in the eyes.
At Dattam :

The pulse indicated altered metabolism especially at the absorption, distribution and utilization levels. The toxins were accumulated at the lymph and was not eliminated from the body. She was given an orientation on proper food and living habits along with an intense session of Panchakarma.

At the end of the treatment, the toxicity level came down as expressed by her blood pressure to 130/80. She was relieved of symptoms like burning sensation in the eyes and giddiness.
Present :

Patient has regained her metabolic functions within the desirable limits considering her age and general living conditions. She has maintained a stable health for eight months with normal parameters . She comes for regular follow ups and is being prescribed with minimal remedies for maintenance.
Case 3 (Paralysis)
Male, age : 70 Years.

Case history :

Chronic case of Hemiplegia ( Loss of strength on right side of the body) since one year. The patient was also suffering from chronic constipation and insomnia. There was no orientation of time and place. He was catheterized and totally dependent on others.
At Dattam :

Pulse indicated high toxicity of cytoplasm with blockage at the head. The regular elimination of toxic waste was impeded.

First, cleansing of the bowels, kidneys and liver combined with profuse sweating was attained through Panchakarma sessions. Proper food and living habits, considering his age were maintained. Then an intensive course of natural herbal medicine was prescribed for rectification and rejuvenation.

At the end of treatment the patient was able to walk with support .The person regained strength. He was able to relax as a result of good sleep and proper digestion.
Present :

After four months of intensive detoxifying treatments, the patient is able to walk with the help of a walking stick . Does all his works independently without any health related complaints. Patient is able to orient himself with time and place.
Case 4 (Impaired Vision)
Male, age : 9 years.

Case history :

Patient was suffering from impaired vision, pain and irritation of eyes with thick yellowish eye discharge. Patient was not able to focus his vision on any object when exposed to sunlight. Severe attacks of headaches and fever were also noted.
At Dattam :

The pulse indicated strong metabolic alternations at the digestive tract. The coating of the tongue confirmed the analysis. On further enquiry, it was found that the patient was totally dependent on junk foods, like refined products, fried food, cool drinks, etc depriving him of any nutritious food . He was highly constipated with decreased appetite and sleep.

He and his parents were oriented on healthy eating habits, their advantages and health benefits. Herbal treatments were prescribed to improve his metabolic functions and Panchakarma sessions were necessary to eliminate the accumulated toxins.

At the end of the whole course, irritation and pain in the eyes had decreased. The person was able to see things properly without any blurred vision. There was no longer any yellowish discharge. He was not sensitive when exposed to sunlight.
Present :

Patient has been coming for regular follow up since 8 months and has no complaints whatsoever.
Case 5 (Bronchial Asthma)
Male, age : 5 years

Case history :

Patient suffered from severe breathlessness regularly. He was diagnosed with Bronchial Asthma and was prescribed with a high dosage of antibiotics and inhalers. He also suffered from other symptoms like constipation and repeated attacks of high fever.
At Dattam :

A metabolic alteration was noticed at the elimination level. The diaphragm movement was impaired due to poor breathing techniques.

Proper orientation was given regarding breathing techniques. A total diet change was suggested along with herbal medicines.

After three months of intensive treatments, patient saw a drastic decrease in asthma attacks . His appetite increased with better bowel functioning .He was recommended another 3 months of intensive treatment, at the end of which he showed more progress.
Present :

Patient is totally free of Asthma attacks since 8 months. No medication has been taken during this period.
Case 6 (Psoriasis)
Male, age : 58 years.

Case history :

Presence of scaly lesions all over both palms for the past 15 years. Fingerprinting was impossible due to the severity of the problem. Absence of tactile sensation, occasional bleeding, poor digestion and lack of sleep, presence of black patches on the legs were other observed symptoms.
At Dattam :

His pulse was checked and both metabolic functions and cytoplasm were altered. The toxic accumulation was seen at the dermal tissue and suitable treatment was advised along with proper orientation in food and living habits.

The person was recommended an intensive session of treatments and change of diet for three months. At the end of three months patient observed appearance of fresh healthy skin without bleeding and irritations.
Present :

9 months after coming to Dattam , patient is totally free of scaly lesions, fingerprinting is possible, has perfect tactile sensation and all the black patches in the legs have disappeared. Increased digestion and good sleep are also observed.
Case 7 (Hepato cellular Carcinoma)
Male, age :71 years.

Case history :

Patient was diagnosed with Hepato Cellular carcinoma. Ultra sonogram (USG) showed the presence of enlarged liver, mixed echogenic mass lesions with ill defined hypercholic rim in the right liver lobe . Biopsy report confirmed the presence of hepato cellular carcinoma. He also had first grade prostatic enlargement, hypertension and diabetes. Modern allopathic medicine had given away all hopes of recovery.
Lab Reports Observed Values Normal Values
Hb 10 gr% 12-14 gr%
ESR 120 mm/hour < 10 mm/hour
PPBS 156 mg/dl 90-130 mg/dl
SGOT 54.0 u/l 0-35 u/l
SGPT 65.0 u/l 0-48 u/l
BP 140/90 mm of Hg 120/80 mm of Hg
At Dattam :

Patient’s pulse showed cytoplasm toxicity with jerky movement between metabolism and structure. Severe constipation, insomnia, hot temper were secondary symptoms. Energy level was weak indicating the toxic waste accumulation.

He was recommended a rigorous 3 month course of holistic therapies, herbal medicines , exercises and change in food and living habits.

After 3 moths Laboratory results showed the following.
Hb 12 gr%
ESR 40 mm in the first hour
PPBS 120 mg/dl
SGOT 37.0 u/l
SGPT 42.0 u/l
BP 120/80
Observations :

The pulse indicated almost normalcy of metabolism but still, the cytoplasm had residues of toxins. However 6 more months of medication produced favorable results.
Case 8 (Proteinurea)
Male, age: 43 years.

Case history :

The patient had complaints of edema of the face and feet , general debility. Laboratory records showed the following:
Serum total protein 6.7 g/dl
Serum urea 32mg/dl
Serum creatinine 0.8mg/dl
Serum albumin 3.8g/dl
Urinary Protein 1.7g/day (0-0.2 g /day Normal )
Albumin urea ++++ ( Normally absent)
Blood +
USG Grade I renal parenchyma change.
At Dattam :

The pulse of the person was read and suitable medications along with orientation in food, living habits and exercises were prescribed. Within a month , general health conditions improved . Laboratory tests showed a single “+” in albumin Urea .

With 3 months of treatments, the laboratory results showed “-ve” for urine albumin.
Present :

The patient is leading a normal healthy life . Repeated Laboratory check ups in a span of 3 months showed absence of proteins in urine. He has been advised to continue with the food and living habits without any medications.
Case 9 (Endometriosis with Infertility)
Female, age: 26 years.

Case history :

Female, married for 3 years unable to conceive even after Laparoscopic removal of left Chocolate cyst and separation of Periovarian adhesions in the pouch of Douglas . Patient had acute pain in the low back and left lower abdomen during her menstrual cycle associated with nausea . Menstrual flow was brown in color and scanty (1 or 2 days scanty flow) .She was given least hopes of conceiving even with artificial insemination.
At Dattam :

Pulse revealed that she was highly stressed and depressed with lack of sleep, poor appetite , constipation due to a high level of toxicity. Regular counseling and orientations with respect to food and living habits, along with intensive herbal medications improved her menstrual flow in 1 month

From the 2nd month onwards , the patient observed the absence of pain in the lower back, abdomen and relief from nausea. In the 3rd month she observed that the menstrual flow lasted for three days and was red in color

She tested positive for pregnancy in the 5th month.
Present :

She is the proud mother to a healthy male boy.
Case 10 Hemorrhoids (Piles)
Male, age: 42 years.

Case history :

Male aged 42 years visited Dattam with complaints of acute painful mass in the anus since 2 days, painful evacuation followed by a splash of blood in the pan. Walking ,sitting or standing were extremely painful.
At Dattam :

It was observed that his pulse was metabolic. On examination, a red, bleeding, tender pile mass was observed at the 11oclock position. His food and living habits were corrected and was given the necessary herbal medicines.

In two days, the mass stopped bleeding and its size and pain reduced considerably. He could walk and sit comfortably.

In fifteen days he was relieved of all the previous complaints.
Present :

He still continues the healthy ways of eating and living and has no health related complaints.
Case 11 Dysmenorrhea (Painful menstrual cramps)
Female, aged 27 years.

Case history :

The patient, an unmarried female aged 27years visited Dattam with a history of painful menstrual cramps on the 1st and 2nd day of her menstrual cycle for the past 15 years .The menstrual flow mainly consisted of clots.
At Dattam :

On reading her pulse it was noted that she also had reduced appetite, poor digestion, hyperacidity , distension of abdomen and constipation.

She was advised the healthy way of eating and living and given a few herbal preparations. In 30 days her appetite and bowel movement improved. Menstrual cramp reduced. She was advised to continue the same medication for a period of 3 months.

After 3 months, she had minimal cramps. Her medications were stopped and she was asked to continue with the healthy way of eating and living.
Present :

She has no menstrual complaints.
Case 12 Renal Calculus (Kidney stones)
Female, age: 46 years.

Case history :

A female aged 46 years visited Dattam with a 2 day history of acute pain in the right lower abdomen and pain on urinating.
Ultra sonogram (USG) investigations showed: Right renal calculus of 5mm in mid Calyx.
Right Ureteric Calculus of 7mm in the distal orifice.
Left Ureteric calculus of 7mm in middle third.

She was on diuretics and painkillers for 2 days and was advised a laparoscopic removal of the calculi by the previous physicians.
At Dattam :

Her pulse was checked and was found to be highly altered. She was advised to discontinue her previous medications ,follow the food and living habits along with a few easy herbal remedies.

In fifteen days she felt no pain and an USG revealed small right renal calculus of 5mm in middle calyx.

The patient was advised to continue the medication for 2 more months. USG study was normal.
Present :

She continues to eat healthy and live healthy
Case 13 (Autism)
Female, age: 4.5 years.

Case history :

The patient was diagnosed to be autistic when she came to Dattam . Symptoms included disturbed sleep, irritability , poor concentration, restlessness , aggressiveness, poor sociability . She was very difficult to be instructed and trained on basics.
At Dattam :

The pulse reading showed high levels of toxins accumulated in her body. A thorough orientation was given on healthy food and living habits. After intensive sessions of panchakarma, exercises and herbal medicines for fifteen days, the patient was observed to be more relaxed , less aggressive and cooperative. Her bowel habits improved to a great extent and she began using the toilet on her own.

In one month, she showed to be more sociable by mingling with the family and other people around.
Present :

She is a happy six and half year old girl attending Kindergarten, dance and music classes. She has learnt to identify the different shapes, vegetables, fruits and is at present learning to write the alphabets.
Case 14 (Chronic Gastritis)
Male, age: 44 years.

Case history :

Patient was diagnosed to be suffering from chronic gastritis when he came to Dattam. Symptoms included severe burning sensation in the abdomen, vomiting ,loss of appetite , general debility and severe constipation. He was under sever dosage of antacids.
At Dattam :

Pulse revealed high level of toxicity due to improper diet and bad living habits. He was oriented on proper food intake and necessary herbal remedies.

After 3 months of proper diet , intensive medications and therapies , patient was relieved of vomiting, burning sensation in the abdomen , appetite increased, there was proper digestion and elimination of food.
Present :

Today patient is living a healthy life without any medicines and free of health complaints.
Case 15 ( Chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Male, age : 33 years.

Case history :

Patient was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome . Symptoms included , severe burning sensation in the stomach and chest., loose stools, uncontrollable urge to pass stools soon after consuming any food.
At Dattam :

The patient was oriented on proper food habits and lifestyle. Herbal medications were recommended accordingly with proper exercises and therapies.

One year since his first visit, the patient is totally free of any health related problems and living a healthy life.
Case 16 ( Rheumatoid Arthritis)
Female, age :64 years.

Case history :

The patient came to Dattam with a history of 15 years of Steroid usage. The symptoms included pain in all major and minor joints, morning stiffness, bilateral pedal edema, disturbed sleep , frequent episodes of migraine and fever, reduced sensation in toes, burning pain in the heels , constipation , acidity, hypertension, urinary tract infection and diabetes.

Laboratory Reports showed:
Random Blood Sugar 142mg/dl
Urine Albumin Traces
Blood Pressure 130/90 mm of hg.
At Dattam :

Necessary medications, therapies , food orientations were given as per the patients pulse reading.

In 2 months, laboratory reports showed:
Random Blood Sugar 86 mg/dl
Urine Albumin Negative.
After 7 months of rigorous medications , the patient is much better and is still under regular courses of herbal medicines.
Case 17 ( Stomach Ulcer )
Male, age: 44 years.

Case history :

Patient came to Dattam complaining of severe stomach ache approximately two hours after food consumption. He was diagnosed with stomach ulcers and symptoms included severe burning sensation, constipation.
At Dattam :

The patient was oriented towards good food intake and proper living habits after checking the pulse. An intensive course of herbal medicines was prescribed.

Patient observed a phenomenal recovery in 2 months with absence of stomachache and burning sensations.
Present :

Presently the patient is free of any medication and leading a healthy life.
Case 18 (Fistula in Ano)
Male, age: 47 years.

Case history :

Patient is a diagnosed case of fistula in ano .Also suffered from constipation and hypertension. Underwent fistulectomy 2 times.
At Dattam :

The patient was oriented towards change in lifestyle and good living habits. He was also prescribed an intensive course of natural herbal medicines.

He noted an immediate relief in his bowel movements . The fistula started healing in 2 months and the patient saw a complete cure in 5 months.
Present :

Now, after 1 year the patient is enjoying a very healthy life without any health related problems
Case 19 (Migraine)
Female, age: 40 years.

Case history :

Repeated attacks of unilateral headache since 4 years. Patient also suffered from decreased appetite for 2 years . The patient was under intensive treatment for migraine with allopathic drugs for 2 years without any relief.
At Dattam :

Specific dietary instructions and orientations on change in living habits were given. She also underwent intensive panchakarma treatments.

After 3 months of regular treatments and medicines, patient saw a complete relief.
Present :

Patient is healthy and has not seen any episodes of migraine after 1 year.
Case 20 (Degenerative Joint Disease )
Male, age : 40 years.

Case history :

Complaints of ankle joint pain and swelling for the past 10 years. Patient was diagnosed and under allopathic treatment for gout for 5 years without any relief. He also suffered from hyper acidity and constipation.
At Dattam :

Diagnosis : Pulse reading suggested alterations at the metabolic level which affected the structure.

Living and food habits of the patient were corrected. Detoxification of the patient was achieved through a combination of panchakarma therapies and herbal remedies.

There was a considerable relief in the structural complexity of the patient thus relieving him of the swelling and pain considerably. He is still under treatment.
Case 21 ( Oligospermia )
Male, age: 43 years.

Case history :

The patient complained of a very low sperm count for the past 13 years . Also had other problems like general debility and hyperacidity. Was under different allopathic treatments without any relief.

Semen analysis suggested :
Volume 3ml
Viscosity Highly viscous
Color Creamish yellow
pH Alkaline
Liquefaction time 45 minutes of incubation.
Sperm count 13 million /ml
Pus cells 2 to 3 / HPF
Motility Active sperms - 20 to 30 %
Progressive - 25%
Non-progressive - 5%
Sluggish - 5%
Non-motile - 65%
Gradation Grade 4 :- 10 % ; Grade 0 :- 60 %
Morphology Abnormal - 50 %, Normal - 50%
Impression Oligospermia
Impression of color doppler of scrotom - Bilateral varicocoele
At Dattam :

Diagnosis : Pulse reading suggested Metabolic deterioration affecting the quality and quantity of the sperms produced.

Detoxification of the patient at regular intervals was achieved with change in food and living habits. panchakarma was done and herbal medications were also recommended for a period of 108 days as a compliment for food.

Present semen analysis indicates :
Volume 4ml
Liquefaction time 30 minutes of incubation.
Mobility Sperm count - 60 million/ml
Active sperms - 40 to 50 %
Pus cells - 10 to 15 / HPF
Motility Active - 50 to 60%
Gradation Grade 4:- 20 % ; Grade 0 :- 50 %
Present :

Patient no longer suffers from hyperacidity and debility.
Case 22 (Allergic Dermatitis)
Male, age: 42 years.

Case history :

Patient suddenly developed severe itching in both his legs followed by swelling and discoloration, which then developed into scaly lesions all over his leg. Dermatologists diagnosed the case to be allergic dermatitis. He was under allopathic treatment for 2 years which only increased the symptoms.
Before Treatment Before Treatment
At Dattam :

The pulse revealed severe metabolic alterations affecting the structure. This was manifested in the form of lesions on the skin.

The patient was given panchakarma treatments to rectify the metabolic alteration. Parallely his diet and living habits were corrected and herbal medicines were suggested .This combination helped to imrove the structure, resulting in total rejuvenation of the body. After Treatment After Treatment
Present :

Today, after 1 year of continuous and dedicted treatments, the patient has completely recovered.