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Dr. P. Keshava Bhat
Dr.Bhat founded the NATURAL SYSTEM OF LIVING movement in Venezuela and many other countries around the world. His vast knowledge and experience in the field of plants as a botanist, has enabled him to study their characteristics and properties and suggest their uses for the purpose of detoxification and medicinal purposes. His unique system of pulse reading and diagnosis has helped many people regain health and stay healthy. He is the chief mentor and guiding force behind Dattam.

He firmly believes that problems of health and nutrition in the developing countries of the tropics can be solved by self sufficiency, adequate education and orientation, change in living habits and finally the proper usage of plants and natural resources.
Dr.Bhat tours around the world imparting his philosophy and knowledge through workshops and seminars.

In addition to the many research papers presented in both national and international levels, he has authored and published the following books.
  • Herbolario Tropical .1981 ( Spanish )
  • Ayuda para el estudio de plantas con flores. 1982 ( Spanish Edition)
  • Que Como y Cuando Comer.1984 ( Spanish Edition)
  • Herbolario Tropical; una manera sencilla de vivir major ( Spanish ,English and French Editions)
  • Las Bases del Naturismo 1991 (Spanish Edition)
  • The Basics of Natural Health ( English Edition)
  • El Sentido de La Vida.Desde el Embarazo hasta la Muerte 1994 ( Spanish Edition)
  • Good Bye To Ruling Scientific Models 1998 (English Edition)
  • Sarala Chikitseyinda Samagra Chintanedege .2003 (Kannada Edition)
Dr.Bhat obtained his PhD in Botany from the University of Madras in 1966 under the guidance of the eminent botanist, Prof.BGL Swamy. He worked as a research assistant in the Presidency college, Madras till 1969.He was invited to be a part of the faculty of botany at the Universidad De Oriente university, in Cumana, Venezuela where he taught and trained students in botany at both under graduate and post graduate levels from 1969 to 1987.
Dr. Srivatsa Bharadwaja
Dr.Srivatsa and his wife, Dr.Anasuya are the chief medical practitioners at Dattam. He obtained his doctors degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from the Rajiv Gandhi University. He was trained intensively in the traditional techniques of Ayurveda , identification of plants, usage of plants and Panchakarma therapies. Dr.Srivatsa is a well trained pulse reader and has helped many people to recover from different illnesses and diseases. He has presented many papers in different magazines and constantly conducts workshops and seminars on this subject. Dr.Srivatsa has also shared his knowledge in radio and television programs.
Dr. Anasuya Devi
Dr.Anasuya compliments her husband, Srivatsa, in running the clinic. She graduated from the Rajiv Gandhi university as an Ayurvedic physician with honors. Anasuya is specialized in the traditional techniques of Ayurveda , identification of plants and Panchakarma therapies. She has been trained intensively with Dr.Bhat’s natural system of living and has mastered the unique pulse reading technique . Dr Anasuya has successfully helped people to recover from many diseases using her knowledge. Her constant research in this field has led to the formulations of many herbal remedies, signature natural therapies for health . She is an expert in holistic cooking . Dr. Anasuya imparts her knowledge through seminars , workshops , presentations and radio and television programs.
Dr. S. Krishnamurthy
Dr. Krishnamurthy is the chief Sanskrit literature and Yoga consultant at Dattam. He supports Dattam by sharing his vast knowledge in Sanskrit language, interpreting ancient Ayurvedic texts and conducting yoga classes. He has to his credit a PhD in Sanskrit literature, Doctorate in communications, Post doctorate diploma in Human Resource Management. A specialist in human resource development (HRD) for the past 25 years, he also provides consultancy to corporate houses, government institutions and social service organizations. Dr. Krishnamurthy has authored and edited more than 50 books in Sanskrit literature.
Kumar Prasad
Kumar is the chief food consultant at Dattam. He loves nature and simple living. He is a staunch believer in healthy food, and acquired a lot of knowledge from his parents and siblings. Kumar has developed his personal style of cooking and recipes over time. He has traveled extensively around the world and conducted various workshops in places like Venezuela, Chile, USA, India, Germany and Spain. His other passions include motor sports, scuba diving and running. He obtained an engineer’s degree from India and has also held positions in well known corporations around the world as an engineer. He speaks five languages including English, Spanish, Kannada and Hindi.